April 21 (6pm) – April 23 (3pm), 2023
Rolling Ridge Study Retreat — near Harpers Ferry, WV

On this retreat, Joel & Kristen Saacke Blunk will share stories and insights informed by their time at Richmond Hill with a particular emphasis on racial justice. Come learn how you, too, can be a part of racial healing and transformation.

We will:
  • learn more about our nation’s racial history
  • consider a theology of reparation and reconciliation
  • explore how to be antiracists and become better advocates and practitioners for reparations and reconciliation
  • offer prayers for racial healing and corrective action
  • commit ourselves to addressing racism and to living into being good ancestors
ABOUT RICHMOND HILL: A racially inclusive community in a diverse neighborhood in the heart of the city, Richmond Hill’s mission is to seek the healing of metropolitan Richmond through prayer, hospitality, racial reconciliation and spiritual development. Once the capital of the Confederate South and at the center of much of our national racial history, Richmond Hill is working and praying daily to turn the tide on racism in this country.

The cost for retreat programming, meals and materials is $275/person. Anyone needing a scholarship to help cover the costs of the retreat is encouraged to fill out a scholarship form before registering. You can do that at this link.

Kristen Saacke and Joel Blunk are the newest members of the Rolling Ridge Study Retreat residential community, taking residence in Pinestone in summer 2021. Before moving here they lived in community at Richmond Hill for five and a half years.

Retreat co-host, Joel Blunk is an ordained Presbyterian minister, a musician, and spiritual director. Before moving to Rolling Ridge, he served as co-pastoral director of Richmond Hill. He pastored in Central PA for 20+ years prior to his post at Richmond Hill.

Retreat co-host, Kristen Saacke Blunk is a field liaison for watershed restoration across the Chesapeake Bay watershed region. She lived and participated in the Richmond Hill community and relearned her 1970s-era Virginia history from a truth-telling perspective.

For more information, email community.rollingridge@gmail.com
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