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691 Christ Church Rd Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Directions to Rolling Ridge Study Retreat

From the north (Pennsylvania) to Mission Rd:

  1. 81 south to exit 12 toward WV-9/Winchester Ave/Charles Town
  2. At bottom of ramp turn left onto WV-45/Apple Harvest Dr.
  3. Apple Harvest Drive becomes WV-9
  4. Take exit Rt. 115/Charles Town
  5. At top of ramp turn right onto 115 (to Leesburg)
  6. Cross Shenandoah River
  7. Turn right on Mission Rd. 

From the south (Harrisonburg) to Mission Rd: 

  1. 81 north to Winchester
  2. Take exit VA 7 E to Berryville
  3. Take exit US-340 South/US 340 North to Charles Town/Berryville.  Keep left at the fork, turn left on US 340 N
  4. Take exit Rt. 115 south (Charles Town Road).  At top of ramp turn right (to Leesburg)
  5. Cross Shenandoah River
  6. Turn right on Mission Rd. 

From east (New York), and northern Maryland/DC to Mission Road:

  1. 95 south to Capital Beltway 495, West to Silver Spring.
  2. Exit 270 North to Frederick
  3. Merge onto I-70 west towards Hagerstown
  4. Merge onto US-340 West to Charles Town (this is quick)
  5. Merge onto US-340 S/WV 9 E toward Berryville/Leesburg
  6. Take exit R. 115 Charles Town Road toward Charles Town
  7. Turn right onto Route 115 south to Leesburg
  8. Cross Shenandoah River
  9. Turn right on Mission Rd. 

From Baltimore to Mission Road:

  1. I 70 West to Frederick.
  2. Exit to US-340 West to Charles Town
  3. Merge onto US-340 S/WV 9 E toward Berryville/Leesburg
  4. Take exit R. 115 Charles Town Road toward Charles Town
  5. Turn right onto Route 115 south to Leesburg
  6. Cross Shenandoah River
  7. Turn right on Mission Rd. 

From Washington DC/Northern VA to Mission Road:

VA-267 West (Toll Road)-EZ Pass route:
  1. from I-66, take exit 67: Dulles Airport/495 North/Baltimore (to toll road 267) follow 267 West (to all local exits) keep to the right.  Do not get onto the Dulles Airport Road (for airport traffic only)
  2. VA-267 is also called the Greenway Toll after the second Toll Plaza
  3. Toll road ends at Leesburg.
  4. Take exit to VA-7 W (exit 1A) merge onto VA 7 West to Winchester.
  5. Take exit to VA-9 West: turn right at the stop sign towards Hillsboro/Charles Town
  6. After 13 miles you will cross the top of the mountain and see Liberty Gas Station on your left and signs welcoming you to West Virginia and signs for the Appalachian Trail.
  7. As soon as you pass the signs for the Appalachian Trail and Welcome to West Virginia, turn an immediate left onto Charles Town Road (Route 115).
  8. Do NOT continue on Route 9 into Charles Town!
  9. Travel on Route 115 past the Blue Ridge Elementary School on the left.
  10. When you see this, keep your eyes open for the green Mission Road sign on the left.
  11. Turn left on  Mission Road. 

To get to Retreat House, for all routes, once you reach Mission Road:

  • Mission Road “T” s into Route 115.  Depending on the direction you are travelling, you will either turn left or turn right onto it.  Follow Mission Road for 6.3 miles.    Mission Road is a twisty, turny rollercoaster ride that begins with  center and side lines and has one stop sign in the small community of Shannondale.  It passes one store, a small grocery on the left.  Drive continues to dip and wind in series of S curves.  The center lines end at Rolling Ridge entrance on the left, as the road descends.  There is a rustic wooden sign saying Rolling Ridge at the top in yellow letters. There are mailboxes on other side of road. 
  1. Turn left here onto the gravel/dirt road, opposite the mailboxes.   This dirt/gravel road twists and turns and goes uphill.  There is one crossroad—large dumpster and gate to FLOC on left, sign for Staff Community straight ahead and Retreat House to right.
  2. Turn right following Retreat House sign.  Stay on this road a short distance to rough intersection with  Christ Church Rd.  See the sign to the Retreat House pointing left.
  3. Turn left.  You are now on a long driveway that will end in front of the Retreat House.  Stay more or less straight on this.  Do not turn right onto Friends Way. 
  4. Arrived! You may temporarily park in front of the Retreat House to unload your things and then move your car to the parking area.

Cell Phone numbers to call if you get lost:

Lindsay: 240-421-1342

Scot: 301-275-2009

Billy: 240-421-1346

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