Rolling Ridge Study Retreat

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Connected to a wide circle of those who share a deep longing for a more authentic, nature-connected and soul-infused life.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Located on a 1400-acre nature preserve owned by the Rolling Ridge Foundation and protected by a conservation easement with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Exploring the connections of spirit, faith and the wild earth.


Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Blog


A Prayer in the Divine Night

There is an instinct within us in such times to gather together and rekindle the fires of meaning, vision, love, hope. Perhaps the holiest grace of Rolling Ridge is that it offers a sacred, wild space where these impulses of the human soul can flourish.

“Quiet Processes and Small Circles”

The reason it is tricky to summarize neatly the activities and ethos shared here is because our collective work is ongoing and ever-changing. Like a quilt, there is a patchwork of partner groups, retreat participants and neighbors who share a love for this place and who arrive over and over again with hearts and minds open to whatever there is to encounter.

Singing in the Dark Times

Mist is a threshold phenomenon. Sometimes one crosses the threshold swiftly, trailing clouds of glory and falling into the waiting, loving hands of a new life.  More often, I suspect, one lingers, wondering, scanning the veiled horizon. 

The Latest from the Mountain

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 We discovered a flying squirrel friend at the Retreat House this week! . . . #rollingridgestudyretreat #flyingsquirrel
 The ever popular annual Heroine's Journey retreat is now open for registration! // May 29-31, 2020 // This year's theme is "Root and Fire", and it includes openings for wandering in solitude, sharing dreams and stories, ceremony, the rhythm of drums, and sacred circle dance The retreat is at Rolling Ridge, 1400 acres of protected wilderness between the Appalachian Trail and the Shenandoah River. . . . The “Root and Fire: Restorying the Heroine’s Journey” retreat will be held at Rolling Ridge Study Retreat. It is hosted by our sister community, Friends of Silence. For more information and to register visit the event page at Friends of Silence: . . . Just as women were the Voices of the Wells, so are we the Keepers of the Flame, the bright inspiration for creativity and transformation, home and belonging. “Fire is an intimate force,” says John O’Donohue, “Fire can go to the heart of the matter.” Yet fire can be a destroyer. In the times in which we live, fire is a burning image of the maelstrom we know as the climate crisis. In this retreat we explore the myriad faces of fire and our relationship to all her flickering, flaming forms. We consider what it means to live the heroine’s journey in a time of fire, and how the tree of life might root again in the ashes of creation.Through time in the wild mountain forest of Rolling Ridge as well as gathered times of ceremony and soulful conversation, we will immerse ourselves in the realm of story and deep imagination, listening for the Voices of the Wells. . . . #rollingridgestudyretreat #restorying #naturespirituality #divinefeminine (artwork by @gabrielli.julie)
 Geneen Haugen has written, “Even amidst such devastating loss of culture, languages, wild lands, and species—magic and mystery still occupy the borderlands of civilization, waiting patiently for us to remember that we don’t know everything about the nature of so-called reality, or even about our imaginative capacity to create other possibilities, other ways of being human.”... When so much is falling is possible to remember that there is more to this world than jams the airwaves or meets the eye. ~Lindsay McLaughlin . . . Read the entire essay "A Prayer in the Divine Night" on the blog (linked in profile) . . . #rollingridgestudyretreat #geneenhaugen
 Just added for 2020: Wilderness School offerings!  Basket-making, foraging, friction fire, trail running, and more. Slide through to check out current offerings and stayed tuned for more to come! . . . Visit our events page for more information and to register: . . . #rollingridgestudyretreat #rollingridgeconservancy #primitiveskills #trailrunning #harpersferrywv #barkbasket
“You are in this time of the interimRolling Ridge Study Retreat
Where everything seems withheld.
The path you took to get here has washed out.
The way forward is still concealed from you.
The old is not old enough to have died away
The new is still too young to be born.”


-John O’Donohue