In order to keep our facilities in tip-top shape, we ask that guests follow some simple rules and guidelines when visiting.

Policy for Grounds and Facility Use
  • Activities are not to be unlawful, for commercial profit, or substantially organized for political purposes.
  • Activities shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religious preference, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed or ethnic origin.
  • Activities are to be conducted in an orderly fashion.
  • Participants are not to use illegal drugs.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages is discouraged; excessive use is to be strictly avoided.
  • No smoking in the retreat house or other buildings.
  • Participants are not to destroy plant or animal wildlife, excepting accidental damage.
  • Participants are responsible for any damages to furnishings and premises.
  • There is to be no destruction or disturbing of historical sites and fixtures such as old foundations, grave markers,¬†and old implements.
  • All use of facilities is to be scheduled and approved by Rolling Ridge Retreat Study Retreat staff community.
  • Please practice Fire Safety: No campfires should be made anywhere except in designated fire circles, and please use water to dampen them when finished. No smoking anywhere on the premises.
  • No parking in Hunters Field.
Retreat House Use Guidelines
What’s Needed:

  • Pillows, sleeping bags, or other bedding, towels, wash cloths, bath soap etc.
  • Food supplies including napkins, special seasonings, sugar, hot drinks, oil.
  • Flashlights for evening walks; shoes for hiking; insect repellent. (Brightly colored clothing for hiking during hunting season in fall & as posted in Retreat House.)
  • First aid (some items provided on top of refrigerator).
  • Recreation items, toys, table games, puzzles.


  • Fully furnished kitchen, a dining area for 12-18 persons, a large living room, 7 bedrooms for 2-3 persons each (2 double beds, 3 single beds, 3 bunks with a pullout mattress on floor (4 extra mats in upstairs storage closet), 1 futon couch, and several bathrooms with showers.
  • Kitchen provisions include a large refrigerator, range with oven, microwave oven, serving wares for 30, pots & pans, toaster, 2 drip coffee makers, cutting knives, food grater, dish detergent & towels.
  • Wood stove for heat with backup electric baseboard heat (balcony bedrooms may become too warm if doors stand open). Instructions for operating wood stove are posted near firewood closet.
  • Ceiling fans for circulation, exhaust fan to bring in coolness, no air conditioning.
  • Local convenience store 4 miles from Rolling Ridge. (Mon.-Sat. 9-9 & Sun. 9-6)
  • Hospital emergency services, Charles Town, 6 blocks west of town center, old Rte 9; 304/728-1600.
  • Immediately locate fire extinguishers. NO SMOKING IN BUILDINGS.
  • Art cottage can be scheduled for art related activities, meeting space, or extra sleeping (additional fee)
Retreat House Pet Policy

In consideration of retreatants with animal allergies we ask pet owners to observe the following guidelines:

  • Dogs are the only pets allowed at the Retreat House.
  • No dogs on the furniture (including beds)

At the end of your stay owners who bring a dog need to do the following:

  • After rugs have been vacuumed, spray with odo-ban and vacuum a second time
  • Once wood and tile floors have been swept, spray odo-ban on swiffer mop and go over floors a second time
  • Dispose of swifer cloth and empty vacuum into trash being taken out

(Odo-ban and swiffer are found in the cleaning closet)

Shared Conservancy Lands Policies

RRSRC shares a 1400 acre land trust with our neighbors Friends Wilderness Center (FWC). Our sister community, Still Point Mountain Retreat (SPMR) is immediately adjacent to Rolling Ridge Foundation land, on the eastern border. Each of these groups has designated boundaries and facilities, though hiking is permitted throughout the entire Conservancy and SPMR lands. Please be mindful and respectful of our neighbors as you hike or bike. If you are interested in using amenities at FWC or SPMR, please contact them directly to make arrangements.

Friends Wilderness Center: http://www.friendswilderness.org/home0.aspx
Still point mountain retreat: http://www.stillpointmountainretreat.org/