September 14-16, 2018
Rolling Ridge Study Retreat (near Harpers Ferry, WV)

“The courage needed for everyone to live life fully depends on the dreams of young people, but also on the vision of elders. Both are essential.” ~ Michael Meade


At the beginning of the old story called the Odyssey, the fair land of Ithaca is in turmoil. The King, Odysseus, is long lost on the wine-dark sea. His young son, Prince Telemachus, left with fear and grief, is powerless to stop the fierce infighting and wasteful extravagance of his mother’s swaggering suitors. One evening, at supper, in the midst of the debacle a visitor appears, and Telemachus asks why he has come. He says he is Mentor, come with ships and crew to see if his old friend Odysseus has returned. But really this is Athena come in the guise of Mentor to encourage Telemachus to confront the suitors, and then set sail in search for clues of his father’s return.

It is said that old stories like this one, old mythic stories, live on through the centuries. Could this mythic story be living today in our time of unraveling of culture and of nature? And if so, where is Athena, where is Mentor, coming to meet us?

In this weekend program we will carry that question. Where is Mentor? Where is Athena? Where is the one who will nourish the dreams of youth and empower them to live fully into who they were born to be and into the gift that is theirs alone to give?

We believe that the wisdom of mentoring can appear at any age. Even in a child we may recognize the presence of an Old One. In this program we call forth Mentor, that archetypal energy that lies hidden beneath surface reality, that we might both be mentored and also become mentors to others.

On this retreat we reweave our connection to nature and soul by wandering in the mystical, enchanted world of nature, seeking to be met by raven and hawk, ancient rock and rushing brook. We attend to our night-time dreams, immerse ourselves in stories, poetry and art, and gather for ceremony, for sacred dance and song, and for circles of shared wisdom.

Retreat Leaders: Jim Hall, and Cheryl Hellner, longtime members of Rolling Ridge Study Retreat, have apprenticed nature-based soulwork through numerous programs for many years.

This retreat will be held at Rolling Ridge Study Retreat House, a six bedroom cabin in a wilderness setting near Harpers Ferry, WV. The retreat begins at 5 pm on Friday (people are encouraged to arrive between 3 and 4:30 to settle in gently) and concludes with lunch on Sunday.

Cost (includes six meals, lodging, and program):
$298 – single room
$248 – shared room (come with a friend or partner)
$218 – camping (bring your own tent)

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