Ancient Well at Kom Ombo in Egypt (picture courtesy of As-I-Walk)

Restorying the Heroine’s Journey: Sacred circles and wild wanders
a retreat for women
June 2-4, 2017

“Women must begin to forge alliances that will add strength to their individual voices. Women must rediscover and share
their wisdom to ensure the healing of the entire planet and humanity by tapping into the vast reservoir of energy that runs
beneath our common ground and is creating a new wave of women’s power.”
–Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Find your journey as a heroine of this wild and animate Earth. Explore in gathered community and in deep solitude; in conversation and sacred silence. Participate in circles of dance and drumming, storytelling and council; go out for long wanders in the late spring woods and return for sharing and support. Listen for the story that is emerging from our collective breath, a story that is both fresh and very, very old; that is deeply personal and profoundly universal: the story of our journey to the sacred well of connection and belonging, of our bond with the living Earth and all its wondrous and wild inhabitants.

Led by Julie Gabrielli and Lindsay McLaughlin with Lisa Bardack (Sacred Circle Dance) and Katy Gaughan (Drum Circles). We bring years of dedicated learning, practice, mentoring, and leadership in retreats, dance, and drumming. We share a fascination with the power of story to heal, reconnect, and recreate our world.

$375 – includes lodging, six meals, and program. Two women registering together and choosing to share a room may pay a reduced fee of $325 each. Camping further reduces fee to $300. Scholarships are available.

The Heroine’s Journey retreat will be held in our Rolling Ridge Retreat House, but is hosted by our sister community, Friends of Silence.

For more information and to register – click here to go to the event page at Friends of Silence