January 2017

As we welcome 2017, saying “Happy New Year” may feel a bit trite and hollow in this troubled world.  Yet in a recently published collection of songs, Carrie Newcomer reminds us to hold on to what sustains us:

“The shadows of this world will say—There’s no hope why try anyway? 
But every kindness large or slight—shifts the balance toward the Light…
When justice seems in short supply, lean in toward the Light.”

The only way to deepen this moment into something more meaningful is to use this transition for reflection—to cultivate gratitude for all we have been given and to ponder anew why we are here and what we are meant to be doing.   How will we slip through the doorway into a new year?  What is the next step we are called to take, the work we are meant to do?   Whatever it is, know that you carry with you the love and blessings of this circle of friends and the everlasting presence of the Light that sustains us all.

To learn to meet our needs without continuous violence against one another and our only world would require an immense intellectual and practical effort, requiring the help of every human being perhaps to the end of human time.

This would be work worthy of the name “human.”  It would be fascinating and lovely.

~ Wendell Berry in OUR ONLY WORLD

Seeking Clarity  

if each day falls
inside each night
there exists a well
where clarity is imprisoned.

we need to sit on the rim
of the well of darkness
and fish for fallen light
with patience.                           

                        ~ Pablo Neruda