April 2017

In a little corner of my garden, I noticed bright green slender crocus leaves pushing their way up through the crusted brown earth. They steadfastly emerged still capped with dry clods of dirt and endured the unsettling vagaries of freezing nights and late season snowfall—a wintery spring after a spring-like winter.   Our spirits, too, need lifting—need to emerge, become unbound, push up toward the light.  We need to nurture a sense of wonder for if we stay buried in gloom we chance missing opportunities for awakening and for gratitude.  Sometimes I find myself so immersed in worry for what might be lost, undone, unraveled that I fail to understand and appreciate what is here right now in front of me.  To live with an open heart, to live with a sense of awe, doesn’t mean we are blind to suffering or pain or fear, only that we also see the blessings all around us—the sacred gifts of life, love, and beauty.

chippie color
To wonder is to stand in awe of the ultimate mystery of life and to understand that mystery exists not merely in the ecstatic but in the ordinary daily life.  Eliot Deutsch observed that wonder, unlike curiosity, does not try to figure out, or to explain.  We do not wonder “at,” “about,” or “why” —we wonder with.

~ Rob Lehman quoted in SEEDS OF AWAKENING

Wonder is a searching attitude of simultaneously knowing and not-knowing, of finding pattern and breaking apart, [it] goes against the grain of our organizing mind, but is intrinsic to the creativity of introspection, art, and empathy.