Rolling Ridge Study Retreat

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Connected to a wide circle of those who share a deep longing for a more authentic, nature-connected and soul-infused life.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Located on a 1400-acre nature preserve owned by the Rolling Ridge Foundation and protected by a conservation easement with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Exploring the connections of spirit, faith and the wild earth.


Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Blog


The Mystery of Mentoring: Helping a Lost Culture Find Its Way

September 14-16 // On this retreat we reweave our connection to nature and soul by wandering in the mystical, enchanted world of nature, seeking to be met by raven and hawk, ancient rock and rushing brook. We attend to our night-time dreams, immerse ourselves in stories, poetry and art, and gather for ceremony, for sacred dance and song, and for circles of shared wisdom.

Way Upstream

These are the surprising, intimate conversations that illumine the threads tethering us to the vast communion and belonging way upstream, at the headwaters, where the world is always ending and beginning again. Thus the trees save us, and daily.

The Latest from the Mountain

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 Thy woods, this autumn day, that ache and sag And all but cry with colour!... World, World, I cannot get thee close enough! (Edna St. Vincent) Photography by Josh Houck // @montejosh #rollingridgestudyretreat
 "The shining trees are more than scenery for appreciation and reflection. They, and the mushrooms, wine berries, squirrels, woodpeckers, and the rest, call us humans into a conversation. They are waiting for our attention." // More from Lindsay McLaughlin on our blog (linked in our IG profile).
 The "Return of the Light: Restorying for the Winter Solstice" retreat is now open for registration. // Come join us at Rolling Ridge to reweave our connection to Earth and Cycles and Mystery by wandering during the sacred time of Solstice in the enchanted world of nature, seeking to be met by bare-branched oak, by hawk and raven, by still and frozen stream. // We immerse ourselves in stories, poetry and art, and attend to the dreams that sing to us in the long nights.  We gather for ceremony, for sacred dance, drumming, and song, and for circles of shared wisdom.  We make generous space for silence, journaling, meditation, and rest. * * * Registration and more details can be found on our events page (linked in profile). * * * Photo by @gabrielli.julie
 "Berries, cucumbers, and squash ripen in the garden faster than we can harvest, weeds grow amok, spirea and wine berries lace themselves across the forest paths, a raccoon removes the window screen and consumes all the cornbread, a bear demolishes the dumpster lid and flings garbage everywhere, grasses spring tall minutes after the mower passes, a forgotten open gate welcomes deer to the beans, an indigo bunting flashes past the car window. Foxes, rabbits, copperheads traverse our landscape and dance in our dreams. Anything could happen in this profligate season on our imperiled and precious planet." // A new essay by Lindsay McLaughlin, now up on the blog (linked in our IG profile) #rollingridgestudyretreat

“You are in this time of the interimRolling Ridge Study Retreat
Where everything seems withheld.
The path you took to get here has washed out.
The way forward is still concealed from you.
The old is not old enough to have died away
The new is still too young to be born.”


-John O’Donohue