Rolling Ridge Study Retreat

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Connected to a wide circle of those who share a deep longing for a more authentic, nature-connected and soul-infused life.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Located on a 1400-acre nature preserve owned by the Rolling Ridge Foundation and protected by a conservation easement with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat


Exploring the connections of spirit, faith and the wild earth.


Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Blog


Processes and Small Circles

“I pin my hopes to quiet processes and small circles, in which vital and transforming events take place.” // Rufus Jones


Grace is the territory between the troubling dark and the yearned for light, adhering them both, filling the essential space between them.

On this Threshold Singing

While our age feels edgy, dark, and dangerous, it is also a potent time, full of possibility; and it is in these times when we are given exactly the songs we need: deep songs of the earth, ancient songs that began long ago, and new songs rising out of our hearts.

The Latest from the Mountain

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 One day a stunning, iridescent green insect appeared on the boards that had been laid over the swampy creek bottom. We turned over a log near the old garden shack, and a red-striped salamander presented itself like a small jewel. There’s no telling what may be revealed, and when. // Lindsay McLaughlin (link to our blog in our profile) #rollingridgestudyretreat
 Just for Today: day lily/A Haiku invitation/into the present moment of Nature ... a very special poetry retreat with Robin White and Jeannie Martin is now open for registration! Join us in July to learn how the practice of haiku poetry can take us into the direct immediate experience of nature // More information and registration at our website (linked in profile) #rollingridgestudyretreat #akitsuquarterly #haiku
 "How do we allow that longing, that discrepancy between who we think we are and who we want to be, to become not a well of disparagement but fertile ground for discovery, the disquiet that prods and encourages us into growth and change?" - Linda DeGraf // Read more in the latest blog post (linked in profile) . . . #rollingridgestudyretreat
 Claytonia virginica flowers are also called Spring Beauty, which makes all the sense in the world #rollingridgestudyretreat #springbeautyflower #shenandoahriver

“You are in this time of the interimRolling Ridge Study Retreat
Where everything seems withheld.
The path you took to get here has washed out.
The way forward is still concealed from you.
The old is not old enough to have died away
The new is still too young to be born.”


-John O’Donohue